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Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel

Thank you for choosing Annie for your treatment! The Elaine brennan skin renewal peel is the most advanced peeling system on the market, and the results speak for themselves. This procedure will help the skin become softer, moister and will remove large problematic pores. Freckles will be erased and stubborn dark spots diminished. Acne scars and texture are easily smoothed out. It helps even the most sensitive skin rebuild its elastin and collagen, producing an effect that many describe as a 'new face'. This treatment is better and safer than laser. -$850 Per treatment. book a skincare consultation with annie to see if this peel is right for you.

Check these before and after photos!


After One Skin Renewal Peel


After One Skin Renewal Peel


After One Skin Renewal Peel


After One Skin Renewal Peel


After Two Skin Renewal Peels


After One Skin Renewal Peel

After One Skin Renewal Peel


Does it hurt?

This peel only tingles for about the first 10 minutes, then the feeling completely goes away, you will likely fall asleep during the procedure. Pain is only about a 3 out of 10, nothing that is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

How long does it take?

This peel is unique, it requires two days of treatment. The 1st day the peel is left on for 2 hours, the 2nd day we repeat. You will be in the clinic for 4 hours in total, and then a follow up appointment for after photos a few weeks later. 

Why would I choose this peel over others?

The results that are seen with the Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel are unreal.  This peel has been around for over 40 years and was pioneered by the best in the business. The most important thing is that it is safe, most peels can destroy the cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis, which can damage the skin permanently. With this formulation, any risks are removed because the ingredients do not carry the peeling process too deeply into the skin. Therefore, there are no toxic side-effects. This peel is less painful than most, very cost friendly and extremely effective at removing scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and texture of all kinds. See the before and after photos.

What results will I see?

This treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles and rids the skin of  stubborn pigmentation. It improves skin texture, especially acne scars or very wrinkly skin. It helps even the most sensitive skin rebuild its elastin and collagen, producing an effect that many describe as a 'new face'. This treatment is better and safer than laser.

What happens to my skin after the procedure?

For approximately one week following the procedure, the skin will shed. The peeling begins on day 2 or 3 and continues for 3-4 more days. Downtime is different for every single person, but the skin can take anywhere from 5-10 days to completely peel off.

Am I allowed to wear makeup after treatment?

You will not be allowed to wear cosmetics or any other product for one week besides the soothing cream that is provided to you. You may use an approved Spf, please see Annie for more information.

Do I need to stop using active ingredients in my skincare before treatment?

Annie will be able to answer any specific questions you have about your current regimen. You will need to stop using actives in your skincare atleast one week before the treatment. However, you must be off Accutane for 6 months.

What are the active ingredients in the Peel?

Resorcinol, Kojik Acid and Salicylic acid. All ingredients used in the peeling system are of the finest medical grade quality and are approved by the FDA for use on the skin. Always cruelty free.

How many treatments will I need?

This peel is really a one and done treatment. If you have deeper pigmentation or very deep acne scars you may want to do two peels in a row(with 6-8 weeks between them).  Maintenance is very minimal, the results last for years and years. We recommend that clients get a yearly treatment to keep improving the skin. Clients usually get addicted to this treatment because it works so well, more than any other facial or procedure. Plastic surgeons even use this peel on clients instead of preforming a face-lift.

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