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What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift really opens up your eyes and makes you feel naturally beautiful. A lash lift curls your natural lashes from base to tip so that you can see the full length.  Typically clients choose to add the tint to darken the lashes. If your lashes are straight, downward or light in color, you will love this. 

How long does it last?

About 4-6 weeks. Everyone is different, because it depends on how fast your natural lashes grow. If your lashes grow quickly you may want to rebook for 4 weeks. If your lashes grow slowly you may want to rebook for 6 weeks. Do not get them wet for 24hrs after treatment.

I'm still lost, how does this work? 

The lash lifting process is very easy and you may even fall asleep. Silicone rods or shields are placed on your eyelid, your lashes are smoothed onto the surface of the lash rod. A perming solution is applied and left on for a certain amount of time. Then it is removed and a setting solution is applied. If you are adding a tint that goes next. A conditioning treatment is applied at the end to ensure lash health. Once the service is complete you are left with beautifully curled and dark lashes. 

My eyes are very sensitive, can I still have this done?

Yes, even the most sensitive eyes are safe to get a lash lift. Since none of the solutions touch the skin, you should never have a reaction from this service. This is an ideal alternative if you are allergic to eyelash extensions. Annie uses a very high quality system that is gentle and skin friendly.

Can I still wear makeup & mascara with them?

You can absolutely wear your makeup as usual. Waterproof mascara is not suggested, it will dry out your lashes and be too rough on your lifted lashes. Oil free makeup remover is a must. 

Why choose this VS lash extensions?

It gives the look of makeup or very light lash extensions/mascara without the bi-weekly maintenance that extensions have. If having eyelash extensions bothers you or you are a picker, a lash lift is perfect for you. 

I would love to give you the best lash lift of your life! Call, text, email or book online to set up an appointment!

Lash Lift Aftercare

Keep your lashes dry for the first 24hrs.

Avoid makeup for the first 24hrs.

If you need to wash your face, carefully wash with a wash cloth, avoiding the lash area completely.

Avoid waterproof mascara as it dries out the lashes. Use elleebana lash lift mascara instead.

Avoid rubbing your lashes & sleeping on your face.

Brush lashes daily in the correct upward direction.

Use a lash growth serum, like grande Lash, to help your natural lashes grow as long as possible.

re-book at the 6 week mark, or whenever your lashes are no longer curled.

Use oil free makeup remover

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