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RADIO FREQUENCY Microneedling 

Thank you for choosing Annie for your treatment! The purpose of rADIO fREQUENCY Microneedling is to STIMULATE AND RESTRUCTURE COLLAGEN IN THE SKIN. radiofrequency waves induce collagen formation and TIGHTEN collagen strands TO BE MORE FIRM AND LIFTED. deeper THAN REGULAR MICRONEEDLING, THIS STAMPING TECHNIQUE OF NEEDLING ALLOWS THE INFUSION OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS (such as peptides & Hyaluronic Acid) to penetrate deeply and effectively into the dermis. this TREATMENT TARGETS SCARS, TEXTURE, WRINKLES, DULL OR Sagging SKIN. 1-3 treatments are recommended for best results. $750 Per treatment. book a skincare consultation to see about our package deals.


Does it hurt? Will I bleed?

Apply the numbing cream that is provided to you, one hour before your appointment to ensure a comfortable treatment. Use pieces of saran wrap to cover the skin after the cream has been applied and let it sit. If you need help just ask Annie! The feeling is like a little pinch, it is not bad. You may experience pinpoint bleeding and you will leave your appointment with some blood/serum and redness on the skin.

How long does it take?

45 Minutes. Do your intake form online ahead of time!

Will I need to take off work? Is there any downtime?

Everyone is different! Some clients notice stamp marks for up to 7 days and some are completely back to normal the next day. It also depends on the intensity of the treatment. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to redness, the stamp marks/redness may last longer on you. Regardless, you are able to work the next day no problem. Keep in mind, immediately after treatment your skin will be red, flushed and may appear sunburned. You will not be able to workout or apply makeup for the rest of the day. The redness subsides about 12-24 hours after treatment. For about 1-2 days after treatment your skin may be slightly swollen. For about 1-7 days you may experience stamp marks, minor itching and dry flaking of the skin. This is still a non invasive treatment and clients love it because it hardly has any downtime, but yields incredible results.

rf microneedling recovery.jpg

How does it work? & What results will I see?

When your body has an injury it enters four highly programmed phases: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. There is a complex interaction of cellular events that take place after any bodily injury. 

Hemostasis: The body activates platelets and releases growth factors to start the healing process.

Inflammation: White blood cells kill bacteria, break down dead tissue and secrete more growth factors.

Proliferation: The skin undergoes a process called angiogenesis, where the body produces new tissue and blood vessels. The skin heals and contracts.

Remodeling: Old collagen is broken down while new collagen is produced. The skin rebuilds new tissue, strengthening and balancing the cells.

When thin ultra fine needles puncture the skin and create small injury, the body goes through healing phases to create new collagen and skin cells. The energy from the Radio Frequency  waves heat up the skin tissue from the electric current. The heat destroys abnormally formed collagen strands which assists in removing scars. Skin will feel much smoother, texture will be diminished, lines will be minimized and the skin will be more plump.  The skin rapidly repairs in the days after this treatment. Most clients notice a difference by the 7th day, but progress peaks at about 3 months after treatment. Collagen and elastin fibers will rebuild and contract, giving plump, glowy and youthful skin. 

How long do the results last?

When new collagen is produced it remains for years. One Radio Frequency Microneedling session produces as much collagen and elastin as your skin does naturally in one year. It is recommended to get three treatments initially to address the skin concerns, but after that one treatment a year is perfect maintenance.

What are the risks?

Infections after Radio Frequency Microneedling are very rare. The aftercare instructions below tell you exactly how to care for the skin so that you heal perfectly! Annie uses a new completely sterile stamp of needles every single time and takes every measure to ensure a safe and sterile environment. Annie holds an Advanced Aesthetician License and has been certified to preform this service.

Do I need to stop using active ingredients in my skincare before treatment?

Annie will be able to answer any specific questions you have about your current regimen. You will need to be off Retinols, Tretinoin, Clindamycin and other prescribed creams for at least one week. You will need to be off Accutane for atleast 6 months. 

What contraindications are there?

Almost all skin types are suitable for this treatment. Anyone with difficulty healing scars or that keloid easily should not get this treatment. Anyone with bad melasma, lupus, autoimmune disorders or those on Accutane cannot get this treatment. Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should not get this treatment. Those with herpes/cold sores should take anti-virials prior to treatment. Annie will go over everything during the consultation and intake form.

What is the difference between Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling and traditional Microneedling?

Traditional Microneedling is a great treatment and is a great starting point if you have never had any type of Microneedling before. Rf Microneedling is more effective and you can achieve better results in less treatments than traditional. Aestheticians say one Rf treatment yields the same results as three to five traditional Microneedling sessions. Rf is somewhat superior since it adds Radio Frequency waves to heat the skin and stimulate new collagen production. Rf is going to firm and plump the skin more than Traditional. Rf also treats deeper in the skin than traditional. Traditional Microneedling does stimulate collagen but just not to the extent that Rf does. Both treatments are great, do not try to guess what one is right for you. If you do not know where to start, get a consultation with Annie for a customized treatment plan. Annie's knowledge and experience with skin since 2016 sets her apart.

Still not sure? Watch this review from a doctor

Radio Frequency Microneedling Aftercare

  • After treatment do NOTHING. Do not wash, do not apply moisturizer. Wait to wash and moisturize the skin the following day.

  • Wash with Jade Hydrating Aloe Cleanser using your fingers only. Gently massage the face with lukewarm water. Do not use products that strip the skin barrier (such as foaming cleansers). Do not scrub, use a wash cloth, Clarisonic brush or any exfoliating products for at least 3 days after treatment. 

  • Remember your skin is an open wound for the first 12-24 hours, change your pillowcase, only touch your skin with clean hands and avoid any contamination on the treated areas.

  • Use plenty of moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and protected. Ask Annie for her recommendation if you do not have the appropriate products.

  • Avoid sun exposure to the treatment areas for 30 days. Do not use a tanning bed or sunbathe. Apply Sapphire Soothing Day Cream at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and repeat after every two hours of sun exposure, wear a hat to prevent the sun from hitting your skin. Avoid pore clogging/chemical sunscreens.

  • Makeup may be applied 12 hours after treatment but avoid it if possible for 24+ hours.

  • A cold compress may be used after treatment for comfort, make sure the ice pack is wrapped in a clean disposable paper towel. If neck or décolletage is treated, the redness might last slightly longer. Taking Benadryl can help to reduce itching or redness.

  • Do not exercise for 24 hours after treatment. 

  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, hot baths or showers until redness is gone.

  • Avoid waxing, facials, botox, injectable fillers or any other skin care treatment two weeks after treatment. 

  • New cell regeneration requires at least 8 glasses of water a day (if you already drink that- increase by 2 glasses)

  • Skin will be red and flushed after treatment, you may notice stamp marks, pinpoint bleeding may occur, bruising is common but will heal quickly. Flaking and swelling can occur for 1-7 days following the treatment. Do not pick at any flaking skin.

  • If skin becomes painful, very swollen, or gets worse please notify Annie immediately at 702-608-6252 . Any further questions please reach out!

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